Instructions for ordering:

Fill the order form

Download and fill the 8-count sheet

Attach the 8-count sheet to your order 

If necessary you can send your 8- count sheet and other attachements later by email or WhatsApp. We recommend that you send a video of your program also. Make sure, that the background is covered with countmusic/cheermix.


WhatsApp: 0443511644

All orders have scheduled working hours. Interprepation of instructions is included of those working hours.
Make sure that instructions and 8-count sheet are easy to read and understand. Follow the terms of the ordered product. This will ensure the best results! 

Delivery time: 

3 weeks

If you need faster delivery use extraservices "Fast delivery" or "Superfast delivery".

After ordering you will receive an estimated working day for the mix.

Before that day you can send new instructions without losing repairs!

Advance booking:

You can book a working day for your mix in advance!

You need to send the instructions 14 days before The Day. Otherwise the working day will be delayed.

Terms 2020
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